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Giving It Back. . . .

Bert Woll Fabrics is committed to developing and offering “Environmentally Friendly” fabric choices. Recycled polyesters from post consumer and/or post industrial products are at the core of these fabric collections.

Our customers are active partners in our commitment to “Give It Back”. Therefore, we respectfully encourage you to consider not only the aesthetic requirements of your project, but also the long term eco-social impact of your design. 

With this mutual commitment we welcome you to our website and invite you to browse through our library of “Environmentally Friendly” fabric conveniently highlighted by our “Little Green Tree” logo. Our Fabric Finder tool allows you to ultimately qualify your search by “Environmentally Friendly” patterns in addition to other categories e.g.: Application and Colour.

The “Little Green Tree” indicates fabric patterns that are constructed with significant quantities of re-cycled polyesters…so please...”Give It Back". . . .



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